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While you're away, you want the very best care for your cat. Each cat is different, of course, but how do you decide which services are right for them?

Choosing the Right Care for Your Cat

If you're a cat owner, you'll know just how purr-ticular cats can be! This is true of their care too, which is why it is so important that you choose a care plan that is right for them when you are away. Broadly speaking, these options will fall into one of two categories - cattery (cat hotel) and cat sitter.

What is a Cattery?

A  cattery or cat hotel is a boarding establishment where your cat can stay while you're away. These are often purpose-built and will house several cats at a time in individual cages or rooms. Some catteries are quite basic, and others are more luxurious.

What is a Cat Sitter?

A cat sitter is someone who comes to your house to look after your cat while you're away. Your cat gets to stay in an environment that they are familiar with, which is less traumatic for them,  and it removes the stress of transporting them to another place.

The Cat Butler® provides cat sitting services, but our approach is quite different from that of many other cat sitting companies.

First and foremost, we always make sure we meet you and get to know your cat before you go away. We visit at least once every 24 hours - for your cat's safety and your peace of mind.

We also provide complimentary home care and security services - so we look after your home as well as your feline friend. 

What Will Your Cat Prefer?

Every cat is different, and what's right for one might not work so well for another. So, it is important that, when making this decision, you consider your cat's needs, behavioural patterns, and unique personality.

As a general guide, though, a cat sitter is probably a better option if your cat:

  • Is independent
  • Likes the creature comforts of its own home
  • Dislikes travelling and hates the sight of the cat carrier!
  • Normally has access to a cat flap and loves to explore the great outdoors.
  • Is territorial and hates the sight of other cats

If, however, your cat is very anxious when left on its own or is used to having company for much of the day, a cattery may be the better option.

Why Choose The Cat Butler

Your cat stays at home

For a start, your cat gets to stay in their own home - where they are happiest and where they feel safest. You don't have the stress of needing to find the cat carrier, getting them in it, and then reassuring them during the car journey.

It also means less stress and inconvenience for you. Unlike catteries, which will often have allocated drop-off and pick-up times, we work around you. Our services fit around your travel times, and if you're ever delayed, we extend our visits until you're back safe and sound.

What about medication?

Sadly, many cats are turned away from catteries as they require medication. Catteries often won't have staff trained to administer medication, which is an important factor to consider if your feline friend relies on regular medication to keep them fit and healthy.

Our Cat Butlers are trained to safely administer a wide range of medication.

It's not just your cat that we look after

When we look after your cat, we also provide a 'lived in' presence in your home, keeping it safe and deterring any criminal activity. We can also water indoor and patio plants, put out the bins, and bring in post and deliveries.

How do the costs compare?

A number of factors will affect this, such as area, but, typically, a stay in a cattery will cost £20 per day for one cat, rising to £25 for two, or £30 for three.

We charge from just £14 per day (based on one daily visit). We won't charge you any extra if you have a second or even a third cat!

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