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Gregory - Cat Butler franchisee in Bromley

From coffee machine salesman to Cat Butler franchise owner

Gregory Deaton bought his Bromley-based Cat Butler franchise in 2021 after Covid obliterated the high-end office coffee machine market he had worked in for many years. Being at home made Gregory realise he wanted to work for himself and to be at home with his wife Romina, their 7yr old son William and their two cats, Loki and Freya.

Gregory and his cats, Loki and Freya

We saw it as a simple business model that permits people with little experience running a business to start up and build up a client base quickly. It was particularly advantageous to us in that it was also home/locally based and allows us to work around our family and existing work commitments. The marketing and training assistance is also a big draw. It is essentially the complete start-up package for those of us that love and live with our feline friends!

A Typical Day as a Cat Butler

"My day actually starts the night before.

“Our franchisor, Sandra, has made sure we have the best tech to run our business and provide a high level of customer service. We have a convenient business management system where we store vital
information about clients and their cats and where we can schedule visits and invoice bookings. Each evening, I check my schedule for the next day – some cats have one visit and others two visits a day.

When I arrive at a client's house, the first thing I do is have a cursory look around the outside of the property, checking for signs of disturbance. We offer this low-level security service to all clients; it helps if a house has a regular visitor coming and going.

"Once I'm happy the house is secure, I let myself in, listening out for miaows as I do. I'll introduce myself to the cat and do a quick video which I send to the owner to let them know I'm there. We'll have our initial little play (there's more to come) then it's time to feed them and empty the litter tray. 

"While the cat is eating, I might water some plants. Once breakfast is over, it's time for some serious tummy tickles and chin rubs. All cats are different, but most really enjoy this interactive time.

"Once we're done playing, I'll do a thorough security check of the inside of the house, making sure windows are closed and there are no obvious leaks or potential problems.

"If I discover anything on my rounds, I may send the owner another quick video, asking if they want a particular window closed, or if I notice the cat wolfed all their food if they'd like me to give them a little extra? This is the extra service that we are so proud of.

"Once I'm happy that the cat has been fed and played with, it's off to the next house.

Gregory and his wife, Romina and their son, William

"I head home at lunchtime to do my admin chores, returning enquiry phone calls, booking visits to go and meet new clients and checking invoices; all the normal jobs that come with running your own business. Business is booming at the moment, with people returning to holidays abroad, so it is busy, busy, busy.

"I pick up my son from school at 3.30 pm, listen to his stories about his day, make him a snack, and then it's time to set off on my PM kitty rounds."

Owning a Cat Butler franchise really suits me because it allows me to fit my business around my family and will do even more as I build the business and employ staff, plus I get to play with cats all day, what's not to love?

>>>>>>>>You can read more about Gregory's journey from coffee machine salesman to The Cat Butler franchise owner here.

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