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Jane - The Cat Butler Franchisee in Radlett

In this case study:


  • Your name and age: Jane Hotz (57)
  • Name of your The Cat Butler Territory? The Cat Butler Radlett, Watford & Borehamwood 
  • When did you buy your The Cat Butler business? March 2023
  • How long did it take you to break even (make back your franchise fee): 2½ months
  • What did you do before you owned your The Cat Butler business? Buying director, retail fashion industry 
  • How many staff do you employ? None so far (but currently recruiting)
  • How many cats does your business look after a week/month/year? I have over 100 cats on my books

Q: Why did you decide to leave the fashion industry?

A: I loved the fashion industry and the passion for product and customer service, but after 36 years I decided it was time for a change and to shift my passion for outstanding customer service and team it up with my other passion which is the love of cats, a winning combination! 

Jane - The Cat Butler Radlett franchisee

Q: What made you think about caring for cats?

A: I was brought up in a home where we always had pets but my dad had a particular love of cats and both my sister and I today share that passion. My sister, Ann, has five cats (one is the sister to my kitties so definitely keeping it in the family) and I have two cats. 

I rescued my two gorgeous gingers George and Sophia when they were six weeks old and working out in South Africa. When they were four years old, I moved back to the UK and they travelled with me; they are very well-travelled cats now, having done two further international moves between the UK and South Africa since then!

As a cat owner I have always found cat behaviour and care for cats very interesting as they are territorial animals and can be challenging at times. I am very confident and comfortable with cats and many of my clients call me ‘The Cat Whisperer.’

Q: Why did you decide to buy a Cat Butler franchise rather than set up on your own?

A: Firstly, I decided that I wanted to take a career change and that I’d like to go into the business of caring for cats. I didn’t consciously set out to buy a franchise because I didn’t know they existed. I came across the franchise by chance when Googling ‘cat-sitting’ in my local area. After sending off for the initial registration form and information pack I then contacted Sandra (the Franchisor) and the conversation went from there. I soon realised that a franchise was the best route for me as an individual, knowing what I can and cannot do, such as building a simple website!

It took me six months of due diligence before I decided to buy the franchise. I spent time finding out everything about the franchise model and understanding the financials, speaking to other franchisees, really researching my areas and understanding the demographics. I consulted with an excellent BFA recommended franchise lawyer to finally make the decision and buy the franchise. So here I am today the franchise owner!

Q: How was the support setting up your Cat Butler franchise?

The support setting up the franchise has been excellent. Everything is there and ready for launch day from the website to business cards, stationery, the client portal and everything in between.  There is continued support from Head Office and other franchisees, especially those who have been launched longer. 

Q: Tell us about the training to become a Cat Butler

A: After several conversations with Sandra and a face-to-face meeting in the run up to launching the franchise, I attended the launch training meeting with one other franchisee who was coming on board at the same time as me. During the training session we were given an in-depth introduction to The Cat Butler brand, what makes it unique, and what makes it what it is today. We went through in detail the client communication form, from taking an initial enquiry to booking that all-important client meeting. We covered a general overview of the Pet Sitter Plus (PSP) that we use to upload all our client data and information and communicate with them. The main PSP training was done separately. 

The next day we joined Sandra’s St Albans team of Cat Butlers on a day of actual client meets and cat sitting visits. It was great to see live examples and put into practice what we had been trained on the day before.

On the third day of training, we attended a brilliant pet first-aid training course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think it’s so important to have that awareness and be confident in treating an unwell or injured cat. I already have diabetic cats as clients and administering regular insulin injections and other medication to my client’s cats is not a problem for me.

Q What has the support been like since you finished your training and returned home to set up your business?

A: The support from the whole team has been great.  Sandra is always there, on the end of a phone or via a WhatsApp message to answer any questions that I have, no matter how large or small. When I first started, I spoke to Sandra frequently but now, six months in, I am running the business entirely on my own, as I should be, and as my training prepared me to do, so our contact is less, however, we still have our monthly and three monthly meetings booked into the diary but I know that I can just pick up the phone to her at any time if I have a question.

Q: Six months in, how is your business going? Are you busy? 

A: The business is going extremely well and I am delighted to say that I made back my initial investment 2½ months after launching my business. I worked incredibly hard this summer and am building up a very solid client base with lots of repeat business. Things are going so well that now I am beginning to look for more Cat Butlers to help me look after our clients and I am really looking forward to employing my first team members.

Q: What advice would you give to anyone thinking of buying a Cat Butler Franchise?

A: I’d say ‘Definitely do it!’ My advice would always be to do your homework, fully understand the financial model and check the legals. 

Q: Any final thoughts?

 My parting thought is that if you LOVE cats and can successfully deliver outstanding customer service then The Cat Butler is PUURRFECT for you!

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