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A Typical Day as a Cat Butler

I’m woken up early today by the sound of my cat, Billy, meowing - it’s feeding time!

As he is eating, I grab a coffee and turn on my laptop. I check the online scheduling tool and make sure I know where I am going today and who I’m popping in to see. I also look at what else is going on in my area - which other cat sitters are on duty and where they will be.

My first visit of the day is a regular called Monty. I know that Monty has issues with his kidneys, and he is on medication for this. I log in to the client portal to double-check what tablets he needs during this morning visit. 

As soon as I go into the house, Monty starts circling my legs and guides me towards the kitchen - I know what he wants! I give him some breakfast and, while he is eating, I change his litter tray, bring in the post, and make sure all is well in the rest of the house.

Now, it’s time for the most important part of the visit… the cuddles! Monty is a very affectionate cat and loves a good cuddle. He was a little shy when I first met him, but he certainly isn’t anymore! We cuddle, play, and then I send some photos and videos to Monty’s humans visiting friends in Spain.

My next visit is to see two gorgeous and very energetic kittens. We enjoy some playtime together, and I clean up some of the trouble they’ve caused around the house since I was last in yesterday afternoon! Unlike Monty, these kittens aren’t interested in cuddles - they just want to run and chase, and I end up leaving their house with such a huge smile on my face!

Cleo, my next client, lives just a couple of doors down the street. I know Cleo won’t be in when I get there - he will be out in the garden, where he spends most of his time. I make sure he has clean water and a bowl full of food. I also check for signs that he has been in since I last came to visit - which I find! As I’m leaving, I spot Cleo watching me from his favourite spot on the outdoor bench - he likes to make sure I’ve been so that he can report back to his owners! 

The final visit for the morning is Max. Max was recently adopted and is still a little bit unsure of people he doesn’t know well. He’s been getting closer to me with every visit, and today he jumped up on the seat beside me - albeit only for a few seconds! 

A quick bite to eat, and then I am off to meet a new cat sitter who has just joined the team. She shadowed me on some visits last week, and she has spent the morning with one of our experienced team members meeting some more of our clients. We have a chat, and I answer some of the questions she has before starting her own visits next week.

Sandra, St Albans

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