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When it comes to trusting somebody to look after your cat, we don’t think there is any such thing as a “silly question.” In fact, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you like, so that you feel confident that your cat will be well looked after while you are away.

We’ve listed below some of the more commonly asked questions; if you have something else that you’d like to ask, just get in touch!

Where is your cat sitting service available?

See our Locations page for more information on the areas we cover.

Through our Franchise network, we are actively expanding our reach across the UK. If you love cats, have dreams of being your own boss, and would love to be a part of a growing and recognisable brand, we would love to hear from you! Please click here for more information on our purr-fect opportunity!


I'm a bit wary of strangers going into my house, how can you reassure me?

We understand that hiring a cat sitter can be a daunting task. After all, you will trust this person, not just with your home, but also with your precious cat.

When you hire a cat sitter from The Cat Butler, you can rest assured that every single one of our professional cat sitters has been thoroughly screened and vetted by us, trained by us, and is fully insured and supported by us. We only employ cat sitters who we’d trust with our own cats - because we know how important your feline friend is to you.

Before you go away, we'll come to meet you and get to know your cat. This allows you to, not only meet the person who will be going into your home but also for you to show us the care routine, where to find the cat supplies, how to work the house alarm etc.

While you are away, your Cat Butler will visit your cat as agreed. The visits are GPS tracked for your peace of mind. Your Cat Butler will send you regular updates, photos and videos, which gives you the reassurance that your cat is being well looked after.

How much does your cat sitting service cost?

It varies from area to area, but as a guide, our cat sitting service costs £14 per visit for up to three cats. If you're lucky enough to have more then three cats, please contact us for a quote.

Please note that we would need to provide at least one daily visit to check all is well with your cat i.e. we don't provide an 'every other day service' as this puts cats at risk.

Find out more on our Rates page.

When and how often do you visit my cat?

We visit at least once every 24 hours, and you can specify AM or PM visits (or both, if you prefer).

Please note that we would need to provide at least one daily visit to check all is well with your cat i.e. we don't provide an 'every other day service' as this puts cats at risk.

If your cat requires medication at the same time each day, we will schedule our visits around this. Otherwise, although we try and stick to the same schedule each day, we can’t guarantee visits will be made at a specific time.


How long do you spend with my cat?

As long as they will let us! Some cats are shy, or like to keep themselves to themselves. We provide a reassuring presence for them, and make sure that they have everything that they need.

Other cats, kittens in particular, will often require more attention - they want to play, they show us that they want affection, and they love a good cuddle - we are always happy to oblige!

Can you visit every other day while I am away?

No, the well being of your cat is our top priority, whilst it is in our care. More than 24 hours between visits could put your cat at risk, should it become unwell, or if there is a medical emergency.

Cats are social animals and may become upset if left alone for long periods of time.  For your peace of mind and our own, we visit daily during the period of your booking.

What happens if there is an emergency while I'm away?

Our job is to make sure that your cat is happy, safe, and well looked after. With all this being said, though, we know that accidents can happen, and cats may become poorly when you are away.

We check on each and every one of our cat customers at least once every day, so if anything were to happen, we’d know about it quickly. Of course, we would contact you to let you know, and we would ensure that we get your cat veterinary help as soon as possible. If we can’t get hold of you, we’ll reach out to your emergency contact.

We would keep you up-to-date following any accidents or illnesses, and you can rest assured that we will look after your cat as if they were our own. We always make sure that we have contact details for your vet, and if there is an out of hours medical emergency, we will head to the nearest emergency veterinary surgery. Of course, you’ll need to cover any veterinary charges incurred, but that is something that we can sort out on your return.

Can you give my cat medication?

Yes we can! Our cat sitters are experienced in caring for cats with a range of medical conditions. 

Should I leave my cat flap open?

That’s up to you. Cats will often behave differently when you are away - this is normal. If your cat flap is left open, some cats may be out when we pop round. We will always try our best to see them at each visit,  but of course, not all cats will come to us when called.

Other cats, though, will become quite anxious if their cat flap isn’t left open, and they can’t go outside. Each cat is different, of course, so the decision depends on what you and your cat will be more comfortable with.

What security precautions do you take while I’m away?

Glad you asked, as this is something that sets us apart from the other cat sitting service out there!

We bring in the post, put out the bins, open the curtains, turn on the lights, and more - all to give your house a "lived-in" appearance, which helps to deter any criminal interest.

When we do visit your house, we make sure we arrive in "normal" clothes, and in cars that do not feature any Cat Butler branding - so as not to advertise the fact that you are away.

We have a key management system. We always keep your key under, well, lock and key! And we never affix your key with any personal details.

We track our cat sitters via GPS, for your peace of mind, so we can tell you when the visit to your home was made and how long your cat sitter spent there.You also have the added reassurance that each and every one of our cat sitters have been fully vetted (background and DBS checked) and trained by us and are fully insured.

Finally, we take data protection very seriously, your personal information is kept totally confidential and we adhere to GDPR. 

Will you water my plants?

Absolutely! We will water your house and patio plants at no extra charge. Our priority, of course, is your cat, so we do have to limit the watering to a reasonable number of plants. For ease, we will also ask you to put them all in one area, where possible.

I'm going to miss my cat - can I check on him while I'm away?

Of course you can! We will send you regular updates while you're away, as well as photos and videos. And if you just can’t wait for these, just contact us and we will give you an update straight away.


How do I book?

Search for your nearest Cat Butler, and get in touch to arrange a preliminary meeting.

Once you have registered with us you are able to book service via your online pet portal - a convenient online booking and payment system accessible 24/7 on your tablet, computer, or smartphone. 

What are your payment arrangements?

Payment is required at the start of the cat sitting assignment. We will invoice you after your initial meeting with your cat sitter, and once your online customer portal account has been updated. You can pay via bank transfer, or by credit or debit card.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please contact your nearest Cat Butler for their cancellation terms.

How is my personal information stored?

Any information we hold regarding your pets, your home and your security systems are all kept on a secure server. For more detailed information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

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