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Run Your Own Successful
Cat Sitting Business

The Cat Butler® Franchise offers an opportunity for cat lovers to be their own boss and run a local cat sitting business with support and guidance from an established and award-winning brand. We all love and enjoy the company of cats, but if you're really passionate about cats and you want to build a profitable and sustainable business as part of a premier brand, then The Cat Butler franchise offers the ideal opportunity. 
  • Join a growing and reputable national cat sitting brand.
  • Enjoy a flexible work-life balance, running your own profitable business in your area.
  • Become a cat expert, just like us, with full training and support.
Founded in 2015, The Cat Butler looks after cats in the comfort of their own homes and provide an award-winning, feline-friendly alternative to a cattery.

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Why choose The Cat Butler Franchise?

Stress-Free Cattery Alternative

Cats are happier at home! We offer a feline-friendly alternative to a cattery, allowing cats to stay happy, in the familiarity of their own home, when their humans go away

Only Cats!

Our service is attractive to the majority of cat owners who prefer a service that specialises in cats. Our Cat Butlers are trained to a high standard to understand how cats behave and how to make their lives more comfortable

Professional Service

All of our Cat Butlers are passionate about cats and are fully vetted, trained and insured, providing peace of mind while our clients are away

Home Care & Security Service

As well as caring for our feline friends, we make sure our clients’ homes are safe and looked after while they’re away


Our prices are competitive and affordable to many cat owners in comparison with services such as a cattery

Established & Reliable Brand

We have a reliable business model with a history of excellent care and hundreds of 5-star client testimonials. Our franchisees benefit from this recognition to secure new clients


A Cat Butler business is flexible. Our franchise opportunity offers a great work/life balance and enables you to build a successful and enjoyable business around your passion for cats, your family, and your lifestyle

Repeat Business

Many customers use us year after year after year - which means lots of repeat bookings, providing a reliable business model for franchisees throughout the UK


The Cat Butler franchise is designed to be run as a management franchise - as the number of regular clients increases, you can take on self-employed cat sitters to help with the service delivery

High Profitability

The Cat Butler franchise model allows you to build a profitable and sustainable business in your area. With low start-up costs and overheads, the ability to work from home, and the high potential for repeat business and referrals, The Cat Butler franchise can be highly profitable

High Online Visibility

We have over 500,000 followers across our social media channels. Your business will benefit from this huge boost to its brand awareness. Strong online visibility allows potential customers to find our franchisees on our website and stand out from their competition


The Cat Butler offers a unique opportunity that combines your love of cats with a dream career that’s flexible, profitable and rewarding.

Learn About Our Unique Cat Sitting Opportunity

The Cat Butler Franchise

An introduction from Sandra James

Are you thinking about making a career change? Would you love to work with cats, build a successful business around this passion, and re-capture the work-life balance you’ve long dreamed of? Well, that’s exactly what we are offering here at The Cat Butler. A chance to run your own cat sitting business - a highly successful one - in your area.

The idea of The Cat Butler came about after I felt unable to go away on holiday - the thought of putting my then cat Ziggy in a cattery broke my heart. There were marvellous catteries nearby, but I knew Ziggy wouldn’t settle there. Like many cats, Ziggy thrived on routine and consistency in his own home, where he is happiest, and that is precisely what The Cat Butler delivers. 

Cats are territorial and very particular creatures; most prefer to be in their own homes rather than go to the cattery; our teams of professional Cat Butlers provide the ultimate cat visiting service when their owners can’t be there. We are more than just a feeding service! As well as waiting on our feline friends hand and foot, er paw, we also spend quality time playing and interacting with them and giving them lots of fuss and attention.

It’s a really exciting time for us at The Cat Butler as we are receiving requests for our Cat Butlers from across the UK, and the business is growing rapidly. We are looking for cat lovers passionate about providing the highest standards of care to our feline friends while their owners are away from home to join our team.

Becoming a Cat Butler requires no prior experience, and we can get you set up very quickly. Our only real requirements are that you love cats and that you’re excited about the idea of running your own business.

If you’re a cat lover dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and looking to build a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable business, then a Cat Butler franchise could be the purr-fect opportunity!

When you join our franchise family, you might be your own boss, but you’ll never be alone – we are always here, ready and willing to help you build a business that we can both be proud of.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Then we’d love to hear from you!

Sandra James,
The Cat Butler Founder

Sandra James,
The Cat Butler Founder

The Cat Butler Franchise Questions

What experience do I need?

You don't need to have previously worked as a cat sitter or have experience running your own business. It goes without saying, though, that you must be mad about cats and be professional, reliable, organised and happy to be flexible about your hours of work.


How much does The Cat Butler franchise cost?

The Cat Butler franchise is low-cost and affordable compared to other pet franchises. The investment to become a Cat Butler franchisee is just £8,500 and covers the initial package of services and start-up support we provide to every franchisee. Using our marketing systems, you have the potential to start generating earnings immediately, and you can break even in as little as three to six months with The Cat Butler.

What do I get for my inititial investment

We give you everything you need to get your business off to a flying start in your local area and start generating earnings immediately:

  • Exclusive use of The Cat Butler® brand in your franchise area
  • Comprehensive induction programme covering all aspects of running a Cat Butler franchise business
  • Step-by-step operations manual with guidance on how to replicate our business in your area
  • Accredited Cat First Aid training
  • Your own mini-site on The Cat Butler website that is optimised to generate hundreds of business enquiries in your local area from the first month
  • Trustist online review platform with hundreds of 5-star customer reviews, which drive customers to your business
  • The Cat Butler email address
  • High online visibility (over 500,000 followers on social media)
  • Initial supply of promotional leaflets, branded stationery and business cards
  • PR release online and in local area
  • Three-month business launch marketing programme including 1st page Google listing
  • A pack of branded clothing
  • Bespoke operational software to manage the business + client online booking system
  • Ongoing expert support and advice to help you grow your Cat Butler business

How long will it take to get my investment back?

You can break even in as little as three to six months with The Cat Butler.

Is there funding available for the initial franchisee fee?

We are very pleased that you can use the Government-backed start-up loan scheme to purchase your franchise and that this scheme can not only help fund the purchase of your franchise but also with initial working capital. The loan is unsecured, so there’s no need to put forward any assets or guarantors to support the application, and all owners or partners in your franchise can apply.

>>> The Government-backed start-up loan scheme

We can also help you find and secure finance for your Cat Butler franchise business through our finance contacts.

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If you're a cat lover and you're interested in our opportunity to run your own local cat sitting business, we'd love to hear from you.

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  • Comprehensive information about The Cat Butler franchise
  • Key components of the franchise including training, marketing and business tools
  • Franchise package costs and financial support information

Once you've had time to read the brochure, we'd love to hear from you with any specific questions about the opportunity.

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