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The Cat Butler Milton Keynes

Six great reasons to choose The Cat Butler Milton Keynes for your next holiday:

Stress-Free Cattery Alternative
Professional Cat Lovers at your Service
Fully Vetted & Insured
Available 365 Days a Year
Complimentary Home Care & Security
Medication Administered

An Exclusive Cat Sitting Service in Milton Keynes

Do you need a cat sitting service in Milton Keynes so your cat can stay in its own home while you travel? At The Cat Butler, we offer a premium cat sitting service that will keep your cat comfortable and happy in its familiar environment. We know that many cats don’t like going to a cattery, where they can feel stressed and anxious. With our cat sitting service, your cat can enjoy its usual routine and have plenty of fun and affection from our expert cat sitters.

Our cat sitters in Milton Keynes are all cat owners themselves and have a genuine passion for cats. They are fully checked, insured, trained in pet first aid and experienced in all aspects of cat care. They can also give medication if needed, including insulin injections.

Our cat sitters love to visit cats in their own homes, where they are the most relaxed. We understand that every cat is different, and we always customise our visits to suit our furry clients’ needs and preferences. We also make sure to give them lots of attention and cuddles.

We provide a full-time and comprehensive cat sitting service with at least one visit a day – but we can come more often if you prefer. You can choose if you want us to visit in the morning or evening or both. Our cat sitting service in Milton Keynes includes:

  • Lots of fun and attention – our cat sitters enjoy playing with your cat during visits!
  • Feeding and refreshing water
  • Cleaning feeding areas and changing litter
  • Cleaning up any ‘accidents’
  • Brushing your cat (if required)
  • Giving medication (if required), including insulin injections.

Our cat sitting services in Milton Keynes also includes free home care and security services for extra peace of mind. While visiting your cat, our cat sitters are happy to collect the post, open and close curtains, put out rubbish bins and water plants.

We are very proud to receive excellent feedback from our clients.

Our cat sitters want you to have a relaxing holiday, so we will keep in touch via WhatsApp, text or email to let you know that your cat is doing well. We know that our clients really appreciate this personal touch. We can also send you photos and videos, so you can see how your cat is doing. You can even see photos of your feline friend on our Facebook page during your trip!

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Our services in Milton Keynes

Caring for your cat whilst you're away

  • Feeding & replenishing of water
  • Cleaning of eating area and food bowls
  • Grooming where required
  • Administering of medication
  • Cleaning litter trays
  • Cleaning up any ‘accidents’
  • Lots of fuss and attention!
  • One or two visits per day
  • Tailored to your cats needs
  • Providing you with updates whilst you’re away
  • Sending photos and videos of your cat
  • Continuing visits if your return is delayed

Complimentary home care & security

  • Put out/take in rubbish & recycling bins
  • Open and close curtains and blinds
  • Alternate lights on and off in different rooms
  • Taking in the post, newspapers & deliveries
  • Watering your indoor and patio plants
  • Other services on request

Areas around Milton Keynes we provide cat sitting services:

Fenny Stratford, Water Eaton, Bletchley, Aspley Guise, Battlesden, Bow Brickhill, Drayton Parslow, Eversholt, Great Brickhill, Great Horwood, Hulcote, Little Brickhill, Little Horwood, Milton Bryan, Mursley, Nash, Newton Longville, Potsgove, Salford, Swanbourne, Thornton, Tingrith, Wavendon, Whaddon, Woburn, Woburn Sands.

Milton Keynes Rates

The cost of our cat sitting service in Milton Keynes is:

£15 per visit - up to three cats

If you have more than three cats, please contact us for a quote

Read more about our Rates & Process

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