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The Cat Butler Radlett

Six great reasons to choose The Cat Butler Radlett for your next holiday:

Stress-Free Cattery Alternative
Professional Cat Lovers at your Service
Fully Vetted & Insured
Available 365 Days a Year
Complimentary Home Care & Security
Medication Administered

An Exclusive Cat Sitting Service in Radlett

Are you a cat parent based in Radlett who wants to ensure that your feline companion is well cared for when you are away from home? Using The Cat Butler offers you peace of mind, knowing your cat is in expert hands while you are gone.

When on the hunt for a cat sitter, it is vital to choose someone who is reliable, trustworthy and experienced, which is why our Cat Butler based in Radlett is the perfect option for you! A local Cat Butler who is familiar with the area is able to quickly respond to any emergencies or unexpected situations that may occur. Your local Cat Butler provides a personalised and attentive service that is tailored exactly to your cat's individual needs and preferences. 

Whether you are going out for a few hours, away for a few days or even weeks consider The Cat Butler to ensure your cat's happy and well cared for in your absence.

As a cat owner, you undoubtedly want to ensure that your beloved feline is well-cared for at all times, especially when you are away from home. Whether you're travelling for work or going on holiday, leaving your precious cat behind can be a stressful experience for both you and your pet. However, with the help of a professional Cat Butler based in Radlett, you can rest assured that your cat is receiving the best care and attention they need while you are away.

Our Cat Butlers in Radlett are experienced and skilled professionals who can take care of your cat's needs while you are not at home. By hiring a Cat Butler based in Radlett, you can benefit from a personalised and reliable service, tailored to your cat's specific requirements.

One of the benefits of using a cat sitter based in Radlett is that they will be familiar with the area and can respond promptly to any emergencies or unexpected situations that may arise. They will know the best veterinary clinics and pet stores nearby, and can quickly access them in case of any emergencies. This can provide you with the peace of mind that your feline friend is in good hands, even when you are not around.

In addition to taking care of your cat's basic needs, your Cat Butler based in Radlett can also provide a range of other services. For example, they can clean litter boxes, groom your cat, and provide exercise and playtime. They can also offer additional services such as bringing in your post, watering your plants, and ensuring the security of your home while you are away.

Another benefit of using a Cat Butler based in Radlett is that they can provide you with regular updates and pictures of your cat while you are away. This can help to eliminate any worries you may have, connecting you with your pet, even when you are apart.

By choosing The Cat Butler you can rest assured that your cat is in good hands providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to enjoy your time away from home.

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Our services in Radlett

Caring for your cat whilst you're away

  • Feeding & replenishing of water
  • Cleaning of eating area and food bowls
  • Grooming where required
  • Administering of medication
  • Cleaning litter trays
  • Cleaning up any ‘accidents’
  • Lots of fuss and attention!
  • One or two visits per day
  • Tailored to your cats needs
  • Providing you with updates whilst you’re away
  • Sending photos and videos of your cat
  • Continuing visits if your return is delayed

Complimentary home care & security

  • Put out/take in rubbish & recycling bins
  • Open and close curtains and blinds
  • Alternate lights on and off in different rooms
  • Taking in the post, newspapers & deliveries
  • Watering your indoor and patio plants
  • Other services on request

Areas around Radlett we provide cat sitting services:

Radlett Rates

The cost of our cat sitting service in Radlett is:

£15 per visit - up to three cats

If you have more than three cats, please contact us for a quote

Read more about our Rates & Process

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Radlett Reviews

Jane looked after our cat Jassie. She was very kind and caring towards him. They quickly formed a great friendship. We loved seeing the daily photos and video updates. We will definitely be asking Jane to look after Jassie again. Also thank you for watering my plants.

Rachel - Owner of Jassie

Used Jane to look after our cat Panda for a week, and although things did not go completely to plan (with our Maincoone developing separation anxiety and thus the dreaded ‘runs’), Jane was resourceful, practical and most importantly demonstrated the highest level of attentiveness to our cat in our absence.
This allowed Panda to be as at ease as could be under the circumstances.
In addition to the pet care, Jane allowed us peace of mind that our home was being watched over by someone who is conscientious as well as reliable.
I would thoroughly recommend Jane to anyone seeking ‘cat care’ whilst they are away from home.

Sheum - Owner of Panda

This was our first time with the Cat Butler and we had superb service! The day before we were due to leave for a two week UK holiday, we had a last minute, and thankfully not critical, medical situation with one of my two cats (conjunctivitis in one of his eyes), *and long story short*, Jane was on hand to administer two sets of eye drops plus painkillers daily, and sometimes twice daily. After we made a fleeting visit back home before the next leg of our staycation, I then noticed a possible infection in my cats other eye (arghhh) & via medical vet advice, Jane then had to look after his other eye!! So, from what should have been a straightforward cat visiting session, Jane turned into a superhero cat nurse!! Lots of videos & updates (especially about the eyes!) and the cat areas in the house were left clean & tidy. This experience has made me feel extremely confident in leaving my beloved cats with a Cat Butler (Thanks again Jane H) - I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Jane - Owner of Cristo and Monty

We had a longer holiday this time and were a little worried about leaving the cat. But Jane took care of our cat very well and we are really thankful. From the videos and photos of each visit, we were assured that our cat was doing fine and enjoyed the brushing/treats from her. Our cat remembers Jane very well and is more cuddly than before, which was nice to see. Thanks again!

Asami - Owner of Mina

The Radlett Cat Butler is the best find ever! Am so pleased to be able to leave my cats in Jane’s hands - she takes such good care of them and I come back to a spotless house.

Claudia - Owner of Shami, Chilli and Pepper

Such a brilliant service from the Radlett Cat Butler! No hesitation in recommending them as it’s so nice to leave cats at home where they belong as they are being so well looked after. Daily updates, photos and videos keep the kids amused on holiday too. Plus it’s always handy having someone come by the house daily to check on things

Claudia - Owner of Shami, Chilli and Pepper

Jane took wonderful care of Biggles once again . She is a perfect cat butler and we know there are no concerns leaving Biggles and our house with Jane.I could not recommend her enough.

Carol - Owner of Biggles

Jane is just amazing. She is very professional, and we trust her very much. Thank you for taking good care of our cat with a lot of love! We'll definitely book the service again.

Asami - Owner of Minna

Glad we found this company !! Impeccable service, lots of playtime with our cats, lots of photos and videos sent each visit and when we came back home we found everything in order and the cats very happy and relaxed!

David - Owner of Ginger & Puma

It was our third time to book the service with Jane. Our cat was on temporary medication, and she handled it very nicely even though it was a very last minutes request. We cannot thank her enough for everything she did for us.

Asami - Owner of Mina
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