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Six great reasons to choose The Cat Butler Weybridge for your next holiday:

Stress-Free Cattery Alternative
Professional Cat Lovers at your Service
Fully Vetted & Insured
Available 365 Days a Year
Complimentary Home Care & Security
Medication Administered

Exclusive Cat Sitting Service in Weybridge

Welcome to The Cat Butler, based in Weybridge, the premier cat sitting company dedicated to providing exceptional care services for your feline companions in this delightful town. At The Cat Butler Weybridge, we recognise that your cat is more than just a pet—they are a cherished member of your family. We understand how important it is to ensure their comfort, happiness, and well-being, even when you are not there. That's why we've assembled a team of passionate cat lovers committed to delivering top-notch care tailored to your cat's unique personality and needs.

At The Cat Butler, we specialise in offering professional and reliable cat sitting services designed to meet the specific needs and personalities of your beloved cats. Our mission is to ensure their comfort, happiness, and overall welfare while you are away, giving you peace of mind knowing they are in capable and caring hands.

Our team of expert cat sitters is passionate about feline care and devoted to creating a stress-free and nurturing environment for your furry friends. Whether you need short-term bookings, daily check-ins, or extended care, we are here to provide the attention, affection, and personalised care your cats deserve.

We understand that cats have their routines, preferences, and quirks, and we take the time to get to know each cat individually. From feeding and litter box maintenance to playtime and chin rubs, our cat sitters will ensure that your cats receive the love, stimulation, and care they need to thrive while you are away.

At The Cat Butler in Weybridge, we take pride in serving local cat owners who share our passion for providing the best for their feline companions. We are dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients, fostering trust, and delivering exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.

When you entrust your cats to The Cat Butler, you can rest assured they will receive the highest level of care, attention, and affection. We are committed to being the reliable and trustworthy cat sitting service that Weybridge residents can depend on.

Contact us today to discuss your cat sitting needs and discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing your beloved feline friends are receiving attentive and loving care.

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Our services in Weybridge

Caring for your cat whilst you're away

  • Feeding & replenishing of water
  • Cleaning of eating area and food bowls
  • Grooming where required
  • Administering of medication
  • Cleaning litter trays
  • Cleaning up any ‘accidents’
  • Lots of fuss and attention!
  • One or two visits per day
  • Tailored to your cats needs
  • Providing you with updates whilst you’re away
  • Sending photos and videos of your cat
  • Continuing visits if your return is delayed

Complimentary home care & security

  • Put out/take in rubbish & recycling bins
  • Open and close curtains and blinds
  • Alternate lights on and off in different rooms
  • Taking in the post, newspapers & deliveries
  • Watering your indoor and patio plants
  • Other services on request

Areas around Weybridge we provide cat sitting services:

Oatlands, Saint George's Hill, Hamm Court

Weybridge Rates

The cost of our cat sitting service in Weybridge is:

£16 per visit - up to three cats

If you have more than three cats, please contact us for a quote

Read more about our Rates & Process

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