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Keep your cat warm in winter

Cats love curling up in warm and snuggly spots. But how can you make sure that they’re cosy all winter long? It’s all explained in this guide.
Added on: 05 Oct, 2020 Posted by: Sandra James 6 min read (1002 words)

In this guide:

Everyone knows that cats love curling up in warm, sunny spots, but that can prove a bit difficult in the winter! But how can you help your feline friend stay warm and cosy during the colder months? Well, there are lots of options.

Take into account your cat's warmth and comfort when you start finding the mornings and evenings a bit chilly. Think about it this way - if you think your house feels cold, your cat probably thinks so too! There are a few things you can do to help keep your cat warm in winter:

Keep your cat indoors

  • If your cat usually comes in and out as they please, it might be a good idea to keep them inside during the winter. If you have a cat that mostly lives indoors and isn't used to cold weather, you should bring them in when the temperature reaches 7C. Similarly, if you have a kitten or an elderly cat, they shouldn't be out when it gets any colder than this.
  • Make sure that you have lots of toys and fun places for your cat to perch and that you spend some time every day with your furry friend - this will make your home a far more exciting place to be.

Regulate the temperature in your house

  • Another simple thing to do is increase the temperature in your house - just enough that you're feeling comfortable. If you tend to keep your house on the cooler side, you could make one room in your home a bit warmer than the others. Your cat will probably want to spend more time there.
  • However, make sure that you never leave your cat unattended near a fireplace or space heater. Sparks from the fireplace may harm your cat, and it is possible that your cat could knock over a space heater and cause a fire.

Feed your cat a bit more

  • If the thermostat has dropped, your cat's body will be working harder to maintain its average core temperature - this will expend more calories, and therefore make your cat hungrier! You can feed your cat a bit more than normal, as this will give them the fuel that they need. However, if you're concerned about weight gain or you think that your cat is overeating, check with your vet, and they will be able to advise you.

Play with your cat

  • This might sound a bit strange at first but think about it; Whenever you exercise, you warm up - and it's the same for your cat! Playing with toys that simulate hunting will get your cat nice and toasty, and if you're feeding your cat more, it will help them maintain a healthy weight.

Buy a heating pad

  • One great idea is to buy a heating pad - you can place this in your cat's bed or their favourite spot. Make sure that you buy a pad that has been specifically designed for cats. Do not use a heating pad that you would use yourself! Pads for pets tend to be activated by the pet's weight and only heat to a safe temperature. On the other hand, heat pads for humans will not hold up to being chewed and may get too hot.

Make sure your cat's favourite spots are warm

  • Have a look at your cat's favourite spots around the house. Is it possible that they'll be a bit cold in the winter? For example, a gap at the bottom of the door can create a breeze that'll send a chill right through your furry friend. Similarly, if your cat likes to hang out on a windowsill, check if there's a draught.
  • If their bed is on the floor, try moving it. Floors tend to get cold during the winter - there's a reason why people tend to wear socks or slippers during cold months! And if your cat tends to spend time lying on the floor, you can lay a blanket down for them in which to snuggle.

Create warm outdoor spots

  • If your cat is unhappy about spending the winter indoors, there are still things you can do to ensure that they stay warm. You can buy or create a cat shelter for your feline friend in which to sleep. It is essential that this shelter will protect your cat from the wind and that it is a relatively small size - this will help trap your cat's body heat.
  • There are also pet-safe microwaveable heat pads that you can place in the outdoor shelter to maintain warmth for a few hours. A warm and dry space to sleep will make a world of difference for an outdoor cat.

Take your cat inside when it is freezing

  • Even if your cat spends a fair amount of time outside, you won't want them to be out when it is any colder than 0C. It is also important to pay attention to the weather forecast. If it is predicted to snow, make sure to keep your cat inside. Not only will they be at risk for hypothermia and frostbite, but snow can trap and disorient cats, making it difficult for them to find their way home.

Your cat's comfort and happiness is always important - and in the winter, it's even more so! Remember to make lovely warm spots throughout your home, and your feline friend will be purring all the way to spring.

Sandra James

Sandra James

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