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The Cat Butler Awards a New Franchise in Greater Manchester and Lancashire

Philip Carter, is leaving a 26-year career in public transport driving and maintenance to launch The Cat Butler Rossendale.
Added on: 04 Nov, 2023 Posted by: Sandra James 4 min read (615 words)

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Philip, who lives in Rossendale, has had almost three decades working in the public transport sector and is now offering his exclusive cat care service to felines and their human paw-rents across Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

What Did Life Look Like Before The Cat Butler?

Before joining the Cat Butler, I was working in public transport as a PSV Bus driver, I have also undertaken a number of property renovations and management of rental properties over the last 10 years.

Life changed drastically in 2009 when my mum died suddenly and my dad’s health declined shortly afterwards and I became his carer for 5 years, and then in 2023 my partner's parents both became ill and passed away quite close together which made me start to evaluate my life and seek out something new.

 Why Cat Sitting?

I got my first cat Spartacus after buying my first property at the age of 19 and have been hooked on cats ever since.  Caring for cats appealed to me as I know how difficult it is to travel and the guilt of upsetting the routine of our four cats when we are away.

Philip Carter has left a 26-year career in public transport to run his own business - The Cat Butler Rossendale

What Was It About The Cat Butler That Appealed to You?

 I love the branding  - the name literally sums up what the business is about  - "serving cats".

I was searching the internet for someone to take care of our four cats and stumbled on The Cat Butler website, and subsequently the information about becoming a franchisee, and thought, wow this is something that could potentially work for me! Could I become my own boss and achieve a better work-life balance? The Franchise is a high quality and proven business model that, with hard work, can trade successfully from day one and was very appealing as I don’t have a background in running my own business, just an obsession with cats and a great work ethic.

Philip is looking forward to being his own boss and taking on additional staff to help grow his The Cat Butler business

 Tell Us About Your Feline Family

We are a family of two human Cat Butlers and four rescue Cats - Deano, Spock, Zen and Ellis. They are all so very different and have such a lovely bond with each other. It's a challenge to establish a multi-cat household but well worth the effort, home just wouldn’t be home without furry housemates hogging the bed and wherever else they choose!

What Does the Future Hold

Being my own boss and achieving that elusive work-life balance; Successfully running my own slice of the Cat Butler empire - attracting new clients and gaining their loyalty for repeat business and taking on additional staff to help grow the business, pushing the area boundaries in future expansions.

The Cat Butler Rossendale provides premium cat sitting services in Greater Manchester (Bolton, Bury, Oldham and Rochdale) and Lancashire (Burnley and Rossendale)

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Sandra James

Sandra James

Owner & Founder

The Cat Butler was set up by Sandra James in recognition of the fact that a stay in a cattery can be unsettling for many cats and also their owners.

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