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Investing in a pet care franchise - 10 questions that you need to ask

Investing in a pet care franchise is a big decision - it's exciting, too! Make sure you ask these questions whenever you're looking at a pet care franchise opportunity.
Added on: 15 Apr, 2021 Posted by: Sandra James 7 min read (1074 words)

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If you’re thinking about investing in a pet care franchise business, then you probably have loads and loads of questions buzzing around your head. How much will I need to invest? Can I afford it? How much money could I make? Should I invest in a pet care franchise business, or would I be better off doing it on my own? Is this right for me? Will I enjoy it?

In this blog, we’ve listed ten things you need to consider when investing in a pet care franchise. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it is one that we hope you’ll find helpful!

1. How much will I need to invest?

This is often the first question people think of when considering investing in a pet care franchise. It’s an important question, and certainly, one that you will need to ask. Don’t make snap judgements about a pet care franchise’s suitability, though, based purely on the cost. Consider carefully what you get for this investment and what that means for you. Also, think about whether you will need to obtain any business finance and what support the franchisor may be able to offer to do this.

2. How much could you make?

You’ve found a pet care franchise opportunity that is within your budget. That’s great… isn’t it?! Well, yes, so long as you’ve thought about what return you could make as well. Ask the franchisor about this, and take the time to understand what is realistic for you. We’ve got a handy article that discusses this in more detail.

3. Is franchising the right option?

Investing in a pet care franchise business offers many benefits, but it’s important to remember that it isn’t the right route for everyone. Would going it alone be a better option? The answer, of course, will depend on many factors, and it is a question that only you can answer. Think about what would be involved if you went down the franchise route and what would happen if you started your own pet care business from scratch. Read more about this here.

4. Is this the right pet care franchise for you?

There are numerous pet care franchises out there, and each will offer something different. It’s important that you find the opportunity that is right for you, which means doing some research. Look at what each franchise opportunity entails and consider your relationship with your potential franchisor. Yes, it is a relationship. Although you’ll be running your own business, you’ll need to work closely with your franchisor if you’re going to be successful. Can you see yourself doing this?

5. What support is available to you?

You’ll get - at least you should get - a lot of support from the franchisor themselves, but you’ll also find that many pet care franchise businesses offer a much wider support network. That might be in the form of other franchises, or it may come from other experts that the franchisor trusts to help them build a successful business. Find out what your support network might look like, and get to know the people you could be working with. After all, being a pet care franchisee means being in business for yourself, NOT by yourself!

6. What will life as a franchisee look like?

What might a typical day be like? What challenges might you face? What help will you get to overcome them? Are there any parts of the role that might seem less appealing to you? Can your franchisor offer any support to make these less daunting to you? How much flexibility will you have? And does that fit with your expectations?

7. What will success look like to you?

Investing in a pet care franchise is a big decision, and both you and the franchisor should be invested in its success. Talk about your business dreams, ambitions, and goals with your franchisor and make sure you’re on the same page. They should be equally excited about the opportunity as you are - after all, you should be working together to build a business that you can both be proud of.

8. On that note, is it a business you’d be proud to be a part of?

As a pet care franchise owner, it’s really important that you see yourself representing this business. Would you be proud to say you’re the owner of that franchise? Is it something that excites you? How has it felt when you’ve talked to friends and family about this opportunity?

9. What does your head say? And what about your heart?

It’s natural to have nerves, of course - investing in a pet care franchise is a big decision! Listen to your head, though. And to your heart. What do they say? If you have any concerns or niggling questions, talk to the franchisor or others about them. If you can’t overcome them, this might not be the right opportunity for you… and it’s OK to say that!

10. What does the franchisor know about you?

So far, we have focussed on the questions that you - the potential pet care franchise owner - should be asking. However, the franchisor should be equally interested in getting to know you. You’re going to be an important extension of their pet care business, and your success depends on them as much as it does on you. So, ask yourself whether it feels like a balanced relationship or whether the effort in these early days feels one-sided. 

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