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Investing in a pet franchise - why should you choose The Cat Butler?

Interested in starting your own cat sitting business? Why should you invest in a cat sitting franchise with The Cat Butler?
Added on: 15 Apr, 2021 Posted by: Sandra James 9 min read (1403 words)

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So, you're interested in running your own cat sitting business - great news! You've weighed up the options and decided that investing in a cat sitting franchise is the way forward for you - perfect! Now, though, you need to decide which cat sitting business is right for you.

You'll find some handy advice about the things you should consider in our "10 questions to ask when buying a cat sitting franchise" blog. In this blog, though, we wanted to tell you about some of the great things that make The Cat Butler the cat sitting franchise of choice for cat lovers across the UK.

Our brand

  • We've been building our cat sitting brand since 2015 and continue to do this as we grow our cat sitting franchise network and regional and national presence
  • Our brand is well established, nationally recognised and trusted. The reputation we’ve established has allowed us to grow at an exceptional rate and our franchisees benefit from this recognition to secure new clients
  • We are proud to have received hundreds of 5-star reviews and personal recommendations, which drive customers daily to our franchisees’ businesses
  • We have a high visibility online presence with over 200,000 fans on social media. Strong online visibility allows potential customers to find our franchisees on our website and stand out from their competition

Cat sitting and home security

It's not often you can combine two distinct services into one successful business model. We've managed to do this with our cat sitting and home care and security service. It's a combination that works incredibly well and gives our customers peace of mind that their cats and their home are well looked after while they are away.

We are cat sitting experts

Because we only work with cats, we've built up a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in cat care over the years, so it is unlikely that you will come across a situation that we haven't already encountered. 

Comprehensive induction programme

Our induction training programme covers all areas of how to run a successful cat sitting franchise business -  looking at operations, systems, marketing, financial and service management so that when you start trading, you can hit the ground running to get your cat sitting business off to a flying start.

Full franchise support

Whatever you need, and whenever you need it, we are here to support you. Got a question? Give us a call. Not sure how to respond to a request from a customer? Drop us an email anytime. Need some extra help with something? Let us know, and we can arrange an online or a face-to-face brainstorming session. We've learned a lot since we launched The Cat Butler. As a cat sitting franchisee, you can tap into those years of experience, knowledge, and general know-how. There aren't many challenges that we haven't overcome ourselves; if you do find one, though, we will tackle it together!

Our website

A central part of our ongoing marketing and brand development campaigns, our website offers a central portal for all aspects of our cat sitting business. We work hard to maximise its effectiveness so that when customers search for cat sitting services in your local area, they will find The Cat Butler at the top of the search engine listings.

Targeted digital marketing campaigns    

Our website is optimised to work naturally with the main search engines, and we use a variety of other tools to promote our cat sitting brand nationally and locally. We are experts across a variety of different digital media processes and platforms so that your local marketing budget can be used to its maximum impact for business generation.

Business management systems, tools, and performance indicators

Generating business really is the key to your success as a cat sitting franchisee, and we already have the systems in place to make this happen. They have been developed specifically with franchising in mind. We also have a range of simple business management tools that enable you to effectively manage all areas of your cat sitting business – accounts, admin, client and cat sitters. In addition, our financial management system enables you to identify what your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are in all of the key business areas, and we can work with you to identify if there are any areas where your cat sitting franchise business is underperforming and then rectify that with the appropriate action. If you want to grow your cat sitting business, this information can be used to produce a simple business forecast as well.

Operating system and manual

Everything we do in our cat sitting business on a day-to-day basis has been carefully detailed and contained in the comprehensive operations manual. The induction training programme provided to new cat sitting franchisees is based on this manual. All franchisees have access to and use it as a reference tool on an ongoing basis to assist them in their day-to-day operations. 

Fast profitability potential

Our cat sitting franchisees can generate earnings almost immediately. People go away from home at all different times of the year, and while there are some peak times for demand (summer and school holidays are especially busy), we provide our services all year round. Even those that don't own cats are potential customers for your cat sitting business, given the home care and security services we offer. With low start-up costs and overheads (most franchisees work from home), the Cat Butler franchise can be a highly profitable cat sitting business. Most clients use us repeatedly (because of the excellent service that we provide), so the business income increases each year in line with the increase in our client base.

Flexible business model    

Most clients are flexible about the times of the day that our cat sitting and home care services are delivered, so the business can be operated in a way to suit you and your lifestyle and family commitments. If you are an early bird, you can work early morning, or if you have children, you can work during school hours. It's easy to plan the day to avoid peak traffic times, and any admin work can be carried out at a time to suit you. Initially, you will probably provide all of the cat care services yourself, and then as the number of regular clients increases, you can take on self-employed cat sitters to help with the service delivery.

Simplified business model

The Cat Butler is a cat sitting business format that has been designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. If you are a cat lover looking for a business, then with our training and support systems, you will be in a strong position to build and operate a successful cat sitting business doing something that you love as part of a group of like-minded people (your fellow franchisees). Franchisees operate in exclusive territories, which means that you can build up your customer base and have exclusive use of The Cat Butler brand and service enquiries in your franchise area. 

Find out more about becoming a pet franchise owner

Love what you've heard so far? Why not get in touch and have a chat with us - we'd love to know more about you, and together we can build a highly successful cat sitting business in your local area.

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Sandra James

Sandra James

Owner & Founder

The Cat Butler was set up by Sandra James in recognition of the fact that a stay in a cattery can be unsettling for many cats and also their owners.

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